Morgan Star palace


210m Diamond Landmark of Phnom Penh

International masters have created a 210m super wealth magnetic field with a global excellent aesthetic vision. They are neighbors with wealth elites. They are accompanied by political giants and the top-level architecture of the world-class president’s residence. Enjoy unmatched luxury treatments and provide the pinnacles with respected international life.

Exclusive Private Parking Space

Dedicated parking spaces, dedicated personnel to manage the best travel area selection, let luxury cars rank first.

Exclusive Entrance Lobby

Independent reception lobby exclusive service front desk 24h super five-star hotel butler-level front desk service

Exclusive Direct Elevator

5 set of Elevators at 6 m/s high-speed provide direct access to your home privately and safely, showing noble demeanor.

Exclusive Star Private Chef at Morgan Club

The private banquet of the Morgan Club’s star-rated kitchen can be customized to enjoy the world’s stunning cuisine without leaving home

Exclusive Private House Customization

Customized residential design by world-renowned designers to create a unique soul land for each leader

The Pinnacle Of Life Start From The Sky Club

Morgan Clubhouse VIP courtesy CBRE Property Services creates a leisure zone for the pinnacle with a respected service experience that exceeds international standards

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