New City Walk

Surrounded by a prosperous city, Commercial Landmark of Phnom Penh

Surrounded by a prosperous city, Commercial Landmark of Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh New City Walk

The only landmark commercial

With the birth of Phnom Penh New City Walk, which has filled the demand for the super-large industry center in the Chroy Changvar District, Phnom Penh has now formed the BKK Diamond Island Business District / Central Shopping District / Aeon 2

Most popular in the city

Chroy Changvar District gathers high-end office buildings and entertainment and leisure life centers. It will be an unparalleled super satellite city in the future. More and more high-end consumer groups will gather here. The strong consumption power brings the most prosperous popularity.

Top-level commercial management, guaranteed opertation

Specially invited the world’s top commercial operation team to benchmark Wanda, Swire, Sun Hung Kai and other well-known commercial operation brands, with mature and rich experience in business management, using Shanghai’s most famous commercial center-New City Walk as the prototype, to collect the operations of many New City Walk in China Experience, with international vision and professional strength, escort merchants.

Vientiane is prosperous, full coverage of business formats

Phnom Penh New City Walk is positioned as a panoramic experiential commercial center, composed of themed scene blocks and MALLs. The format covers global cuisine, large supermarkets, famous department stores, boutique shoes, clothing, entertainment, video games, digital appliances, etc., a one-stop full experience of leisure, entertainment and shopping.

Gathering global famous duty-free shops

Phnom Penh New City Walk introduces more international first-line luxury brands and high-end boutiques, bringing more fashion boutiques and comfortable experience to Phnom Penh consumers.

Romantic style, a new place for Internet celebrities

The romantic and love-themed block will become a mecca for new Internet celebrities in Phnom Penh. Food from all over the world and interesting landscape sketches will attract many locals and tourists to come for sightseeing.

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